Life Lessons: Harder to Watch Than to Live Through

Life Lessons
I’ve had plenty of hard things to live through in my life.  I’ve learned a lot from all the things I’ve gone through though, so all the hard things were worth it in the end.  They were hard, but all those difficulties and trials I went through made me who I am today and brought me to where I am today.  Life lessons are always hard to go through.  What I didn’t expect is for Life’s Lessons to be so hard to watch my children go through them.  Much harder than going through them myself.

Of course I know that there is nothing I can do to keep my sons from going through all these different life lessons. Actually, even if I could keep them from it, I wouldn’t. They need to go through these lessons to grow into strong adults. Knowing that, doesn’t make it any easier to see them disappointed and hurt.

The one thing that I keep in mind is that my mom went through the same thing with me (and my siblings) and talking with her, she feels it was well worth it.  So although it’s hard to watch my boys go through rough things, to learn how to deal with the unfair aspects of life, and to watch them grow through it all, I know in the end (when they are going through watching their children learn Life lessons), I’ll see how it was all worth it.  And get to tell them that they will make it through their children’s lessons as well.  And I’ll get to remind them of all the mistakes they made, to put it all into perspective for them.  hehehe, Yea, there’s nothing like the promise of rubbing things in to ease the troubled times.  LOL

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2 Responses to Life Lessons: Harder to Watch Than to Live Through

  • Leighbra says:

    I think of the lessons I learned while bawling my eyes out over the second guy to break my heart (I suddenly quit crying & thought, Hey, this got better last time, it’ll get better this time) & know that my kids will have to go through adversity in order to handle being an adult.

    And we don’t want them to live with us forever, right? ;)
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  • Wyndsong says:

    Most definitely! I know that all these lessons that boys have to go through are important to who they will become. It’s still hard to see sometimes.

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