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Atomic April’s Glam Salon


Atomic April’s GLAM is the brainchild of April and James Long. April’s background in the beauty industry is both behind the chair and corporate career. Her long time career path has taken her on the route of distribution, product development , private business systems, along with career coaching and private international liason to many companies worldwide. James, with a background in Special FX MakeUp and the Arts. James is a Winner of the George Lucas Award for “Creatures and Models” exhibition, and with a professional career in Avaiation. The Long’s are one of the most powerful corporate couples in the Las Vegas area today.Their private holdings company is AtomicApril LLC, houses such companies as the famed “PopTinsel” “PlumHairia Hair Feathers” and “TweezHerz”.


My Experience:

It was the weekend before 4th of July.  I’ve been working myself up to getting my hair cut again.  It’d been another year since the last time I got it cut, and I was getting tired of the length and shape.  The last two salons I went to gave me such a bad taste that I started feeling the same way about Hair stylists as I do Dentists.  YIKES!  But really, I’d been spoiled in SoCal.  I had a friend who was going to beauty school and she knew my hair and could give me a great cut, style and color.  I loved her.  But then she moved away and I moved away, and I was left without someone good.

Knowing that I needed to find someone to do my hair and also knowing that they were going to have a hard time living up to my ideal, I was worried that I wouldn’t find someone who could make me feel good about my hair again.  I looked through the Yelp reviews and found a few with some great reviews, but most of them were either too expensive, too far away, or mainly worked with straight hair.  My hair is naturally curly, so it does take a lot more work.  Finally I decided to see what Groupon had, maybe there was a salon that had a good deal that I could use to find the right Stylist.  I know, maybe I was leaving it too much up to chance in finding someone, but I was willing to gamble for a good deal.  LOL!

Thank Goodness it worked out great!!  Atomic April’s GLAM Salon had a GREAT deal on Groupon!  They were giving you 5 different services out of several possible ones all for one low price.  You could choose highlights, lolights, or full head color; Hair cut or full makeup; a choice of 3 different types of scalp/hair conditioners; and hair feathers or tinsel.  I ended up getting a full head color, a cut, a dry hair conditioner, and neither tinsel or feathers.

The Stylist that did my hair was Tamarae.  She was a sweet young girl that reminded me of my best friend.  We talked a lot during my 3+ hours in the salon, which was really good.  The first thing she said to me was that my hair was very much like her mothers, so she knew how to work with curly hair.  And she was right too!  We first worked on the color of my hair.  We put together a mix of a nice bright red with a light brown color.  And it turned out beautiful!  I loved the color.  Then she started cutting my hair and then styled it.

I can tell you that for the first time in about 4 years I love my hair again!  It’s still long enough that I can pull it up into a ponytail, but short enough to be light for summer.  It looks good straight or curly.  To the point that today, for the first time since I don’t know when, I actually did NOT straighten my bangs!  I just brushed my hair and left the house feeling good about my hair!  WOW!  That is incredible!!

I can tell you, that I will definitely be back there to get my hair done again.  And not a year later either!  I’d like to keep my hair this length because it fits me perfectly.  So when it starts getting a little too long, say in two or so months, I’m going back there!!

I would totally recommend everyone to go to Atomic April’s GLAM Salon!  Whether you’re just visiting or if you live here in Las Vegas.  They are great!!

Rating by Wyndsong: 5.0 stars

$5 for Bangs – $200 for Perms

Cuts, Colors, perms, styling, facials, nails, makeup and various “Glam” stuff

Tuesday – Sunday until 7pm.

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